Graphic 44: Berlin Issue — Studio Rental Guide

Graphic 44: Berlin Issue — Studio Rental Guide

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Most people know close to nothing about Berlin’s economy. The one thing everyone can agree on is the fact that the average wage of Berlin is significantly lower than any other cities in Germany, and that Berlin city government has suffered from deficit spending year after year. 

Truth be told, it was none other than reasonable living costs and rents that pushed Berlin to become the powerhouse of creativity. However, at this point, things are not as they used to be. Some argue that the surge of rent prices over the past few years will fundamentally change the city’s nature of cultural ecology. Nevertheless, Berlin is still considered as one of the most desirable cities to move in for young creators. Over the past few months, we got together with different studios and their members to talk about the situation in Berlin. Find out what they have to say in Graphic’s Berlin issue.

Publisher: Propaganda

Weight: 0.8kg

Size: 230x300mm

Pages: 210

Published: 2019

Language: English

Origin: South Korea

ISBN: 19757905

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