Macguffin 08: The Desk

Macguffin 08: The Desk

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Time to get serious in 2020 with MacGuffin #8, an issue devoted to that most studious of objects: the desk. MacGuffin pulls open desk drawers and points up desk plants, surveying a succession of clean desks and messy desks, radical desks and resolute desks, makeshift desks and talk show desks, not to mention the fine art of office pranking and presidential doodling. Featuring Francois Dallegret, Egon Eiermann, Enzo Mari, Saint Jerome, Superstudio, Jan Švankmajer and many, many more.

Publisher: Macguffin

Weight: 0.6kg

Size: 210x275mm

Pages: 208

Published: 2020

Language: English

Origin: Netherlands

ISBN: 24058203

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